HA Soft

Sentange Softa

Sentange Softa Cream with Hialuronic Acid , cream and ideal standard for all skin type. Revitalize skin with a line of face creams that work as facial treatments to protect from sun, fight signs of aging, replenish moisture, smooth the complexion and shrink pores for a dewy, more luminous appearance. Night Cream helps restore essential moisture in skin’s surface, plumping it to help skin regain substance, firmness and clarity. Eye Crema formulated with antioxidants and caffeine instantly cools, refreshes, and hydrates the eye area. Skin Serum is a fresh, fast-absorbing serum that instantly smooths skin's surface after one application. After three days, pores are less visible and skin texture is improved and after 4 weeks wrinkles appear visibly reduced. Sentange S16...our top patented system that protects your skin against damaging. irritation, tightness, burning and redness. SPF 20 protects your skin against damaging UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays.

Sentange Softa 
Day Cream 

  • 50ml SPF20     140,00 €    
  • 50ml No SPF   140,00 €

Sentange Softa
Eye Cream

  • 50ml SPF20 140,00 € 
  • 50ml No SPF 140,00 €

Sentange Softa 
Luxe Set 

  • Day Cream 50 ml 
  • Night Cream 50ml 
  • Serum 50ml 
  • Eye Cream 30ml
  • 490,00 €

Sentange Softa
Night Cream 

  • 50ml SPF20   142,00 €
  • 50ml No SPF   142,00 €

Sentange Softa 
Face and Eye Serum

  • 50ml SPF20 148,00 € 
  • 50ml No SPF 148,00 €