Dermal fillers


New Sentange® works naturally. Injectable collagen implant naturally regenerates and restores volume of the face that time has taken away with result last up to 10 Years. Sentange longer-lasting collagen dermal filler giving you a fresh and natural look.

„I'm excited to infuse my own estetic perspective into most exclusive Sentange collection“ 
Boris Dzundzev, DMD 

Smile Experts 2Y or 5Y

  • For fine Lip lines
  • Lip definition 
  • Lip volumen 
  • Result 2 or 5 years.

Face Experts 2, 5 or 10Y

  • Nasolabial folds and Marionette lines 
  • Midface volumization and facial contouring and volume restoration 
  • Fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Face Llifting 
  • Result up to 10 years.


  • For fine lines, skin hydration and elasticity 
  • Anti pigmentation treatment of skin.
  • Collagen-Long lasting Collagen 
  • Mesotherapy dermal filler
  • Result up to 2 years.

1 minute FaceLifting

  • For Small Face Lifting in One minute 
  • Unique Quick One Minute methode
  • Special Quick Face Lifting Collagen dermal filler
  • Result up to 2 years.

Sentange Dermal fillers & BoT4home® 
 Main Instructors

Everyone will notice, but no one will know 

Clinic Milano/Roma
 Clinica di Medicina Estetica Milano 
Dottoressa Pia Sodano, Medico Estetico
Dottoressa Lola Caviggioli, Medico Estetico
 Via Monte Napoleoni 12, Milano, Italy 
Main instructors for Europe, North and South America 

Clinic Zagreb
 Ordinacija dentalne medicine 
 Dottor Boris Dzundzev DMD, 
 Vrbik 22, Zagreb, Croatia 
 Clinica di Medicina Estetica Milano 
Via Monte Napoleoni 12, Milano, Italy 
Main instructors for Europe and Middle East.