Sentange Cosmetics

Sentange, a luxury beauty brand, has epitomized beauty and glamour with a sensual touch. Women seeking the finest in beauty look to Sentange for the highest quality in skincare, encased in timeless style and delivering scientifically proven results. The brand continues to strengthen its reputation as a makeup authority and skincare innovator, not merely keeping pace, but surpassing expectations by continually taking science and creativity to new levels. Sentange mission is to provide women and men with superior products and services that fulfill their quest and enthusiasm for beauty. Sentange has been rated the top luxury Cosmetics brand by a millionaires last four years. The brands included exclusivity, quality and reputation. Sentange is a specialty beauty therapeutics company focused on bringing to market stem cell therapies and nanomedicine in creams and serum that address unmet beauty needs. 
Sentange products not contain harmful chemicals, no added color, fragrance or alcohol, pesticides, standard preservatives and not tested on animals.